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We have been advised to give so that we can receive, that the more we give, the more we will receive, and that giving bountifully is like sowing seeds on fertile ground then the harvest will be astonishing. When we give only a little, we reap a little because we have been sowing on a futile soil so the harvest is poor and not encouraging and being unable to give at all is stagnancy, our business becomes totally immobilized.

Hardwork pays off but we are advised that when we give away a little of that whi h we have earned it is same as fueling our hard work and mobilizing it.

Giving without asking or analyzing the use of your gift is considered ‘Humble giving’ but when we analyze and try to find out how our gifts are being utilized then we are displaying our pride and this is not a good way to give.

To unravel the unexplored truth about giving, there is a lot that we must learn of it, we should understand that giving is not an act of sympathy, rather it is a law, one of the laws of karma that states that “a certain percentage of whatever is taken must be given back”. Since this is a law, it is the call of nature which is inevitable and unchallengeable.

When we eat or drink even it happens to be our favorite food or drink, our body only takes a part of of the food which it needs and leaves some part, this part is returned to where the food came from the soil in the form of waste, it is waste to our body but nutrition to the soil and the earth is happy to receive it’s part and also happy with us that we have given back certain percentage of what we took. And the air that we breathe in, we also have to give back to it by breathing out air which is a waste to our body but is useful to nature as it is.

When something is given to us, a certain percentage of that something is demanded from us or rather that percentage is a waste and we don’t need it so they should be given back to those who give it to us as adding it up with the useful ones will corrupt it and make it harmful to us, can we imagine being pressed and refusing to answer the call? Or breathing in and refusing to breathe out? We won’t last even for a moment because the waste we have refused to pass out will harm us and eventually destroy us. This has been our predicament for ages and it is one of the root causes of suffering.

What about our time? If we are not working, we are sleeping, if we are not sleeping, we are seeing a movie or an interesting TV series, yet we rarely have time to connect with our Creator.

Don’t use up everything you have or store them all, give out a part of it without conditions or attachment.

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